Architectural Series Flagpole 30'-35'

Architectural Series Halyard Flagpole 30'-35'

Regular price $1,768.00 - $3,996.00 Sale

Standard Features:

Gold anodized aluminum ball, single revolving truck assembly with aluminum sheave, 9" cast aluminum cleat, galvanized corrugated steel ground sleeve with grounding spike, #10 waterproof braided polypropylene halyard, stainless steel swivel snap hooks, neoprene snap covers, spun aluminum flash collar finished to match the pole.

Optional Features (for an additional cost, please call our office for information on pricing):

Double halyard system (with double-revolving truck assembly, additional 9" cleat, and halyard), shoebase mounting option (4"-12" with necessary anchor bolt assemblies and connection hardware), hinged shoebase (4"-5" only), locking cleat covers, halyard covers.