Flagpole Lighting

Suggested Ways to Light a Flag Pole

There are two primary types of flagpole lighting kits for lighting your flagpole – 12V low-voltage and 120V line voltage.

Residential Use – 12V low-voltage

  • Most “Do It Yourselfer’s” can easily handle
  • Flexible fixture positioning allows easy movement as landscape matures
  • Small, concealable fixtures are easy to hide within the landscape
  • Less potential of damaging root systems
  • No need to bury supply cable
  • Safe around water
  • No hard wiring required
  • System is safe – no electrical shock
  • Primary disadvantage is distance and wattage limitations
  • More expensive initial costs for materials (transformer needed)

Commercial Use – 120V line voltage

  • Low initial material cost
  • Inexpensive lamps
  • Long wire runs 500-800 feet
  • Must trench and distribute wire in conduit 18” below ground for protection
  • Must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor
  • Expensive to move or relocate fixtures as landscape matures
  • Need a 120V stabilizer stake or a weather proof junction box for each fixture
  • Potential for electrical shock
  • Less controllable light

In general, flag pole lighting fixtures should be setback from the pole one-third to one-half the length of the flag. Other setbacks will produce different results as well as tilting or aiming the flagpole lighting fixtures toward the flag can also increase light levels. Setbacks are also dependent on type of lighting fixture(s) and wattage.

Lighting effects can vary, and are dependent on both the viewer and the positioning of light fixtures.

Please Note: Using multiple lighting fixtures can enhance overall lighting effect.

Single Flag Pole Lighting Suggestions

Multiple Flag Pole Lighting Suggestions

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